Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Being a Mom

It’s like growing a new finger. The most perfect of all your 20 digits. The way this one looks and moves is such a wonder. It’s thick, smooth and a little bit blue at the tip. It sits between the middle and ring fingers, on the left hand where it can touch everything. Every experience is new. Even the things you’ve been doing a whole lifetime: cutting fruit, writing, holding hands. You have to learn a new meaning to one hand washes the other. This one digit changes all the others. It makes room where there isn’t and when you bring your hands to your heart in prayer…it feels different. More real, more grounding as if you’ve only just gotten here. When you beat the drum of your life, it’s a new rhythm. One you don’t recognize. Even after years of seeing it there, you understand it as pure magic. 

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