Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Dream for You

I dream that you’ll know peace. I dream that you’ll learn to believe in the rhythm of your own heart. That doubt will slip away as quickly as it comes and you’ll sit in your center. I dream that you’ll meet love and you’ll be ready when it comes. I dream that your finances will be spectacular. That you’ll wake in the morning ready for the world rather than anticipating disaster. I dream that you’ll know the ease of being. I dream that you’ll know movement of your body as something sweet, that you’ll know your own skin as home. Not just comfortable, but thriving, not settling for the mundane. I dream that you’ll see magic in everything you do, that you’ll feel brand new and know that you are just getting started, no matter how old you are. I dream you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted and know that deserving does not require lessons. I dream that life will be enough for you and you will rise to the occasion, yelling loudly: challenge accepted. I dream that you will heal from all the pain and the mistakes and the self-criticism. I dream you will know deep belly laughter and the wisdom of your ancestors. I dream that you will adventure and grow wings so big no cage can hold you. I dream that you will bare your soul to others so that they may see you with eyes and hearts. I dream that sex will be a welcome act of love. I dream that you will know what it’s like to not feel like you have to dye your hair or paint your face with makeup, that you would do these things for fun not because you think you’re prettier this way. You’re pretty as you are, it goes without saying. I dream that you will know and love the peace of sleep and wake, ready, when the time comes.  

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